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Ramadan Specialities

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan at ZARABI with our exquisite Moroccan Iftar !

Iftar Set

Fast Breaking Set

Harira soup, Medjhool dates, glass of milk & orange juice.
Add-ons to customize your Iftar :
1 boiled egg with salt & cumin (+$1),
1 piece Halwa Chebakia (+$2)

1 piece of mini Batbout of your choice (+$4)

1 piece of Sbi3at of your Choice (+4$)

A La Carte

Harira Soup

The most classic Moroccan comfort soup made with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, fresh herbs, traditional
spices, and small pieces of beef. Definitely a Must try !

Sbi3at Kefta

Crispy Moroccan rolls (3 pieces) stuffed with flavoured minced beef (Kefta), olives & vegies

Halwa Chebakia

The famous Moroccan sesame cookie shaped into a flower, fried and coated with honey. This melting delicacy is flavoured with orange blossom water and saffron. It is a must have in every Ramadan Moroccan table !


The famous Moroccan "Thousand Holes Crepe", served with a warm honey and butter sauce

Mini Batbout

Amazing mini Moroccan home made Pita bread (3 pieces) stuffed with 3 delicious flavors fillings: Moroccan ground beef (kefta), Fresh tuna salad & Creamy marinated chicken

Sbi3at Fish

Crispy Moroccan rolls (3 pieces) stuffed with a deliciously spiced white Fish in Charmoula style

Moroccan Pastries

A selection of 4 famous and delicious Moroccan pastries :

Cornes de Gazelle,


Ghriyba Bahla,

Chocolate Sablé.

Definitely a Must try !

Madjool Dates

Delicious Dates (2 pieces), Sweet and Caramel-like taste


Authentic Moroccan potato beignets (4 pieces), deliciously spiced and served with a special homemade
tomato sauce. Unique Moroccan recipe !

Sbi3at Cheese & Eggs

Crispy Moroccan rolls (3 pieces) stuffed with a Melting cheese, fresh herbs & Eggs


The authentic and rich Moroccan Sablé.

An amazing mixture of grilled grounded almonds, roasted flour, sesame, almond butter, arabic Misk and a unique seasoning with honey & spices

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