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From Morocco to Singapore

ZARABI started as the first private kitchen in Singapore serving a 100% authentic Moroccan food. 
Delicious dishes, slow cooked, prepared with love and passion in the total respect of Moroccan traditions. 

This wonderful experience finally led us to open our first restaurant in Singapore, thanks to the incredible support of our clients who have been behind us throughout our journey in this fabulous project!!

The meaning of ZARABI in Arabic is “Carpets”. It is a reference to Moroccan Berbère carpets that are as colorful as the cuisine in there.

rhizlane zarabi.jpg

Who is behind all that ?

My name is Rhizlane, I am Moroccan from the imperial city of Meknes, one of the most famous cities in Morocco for the authenticity and the richness of its gastronomy. I grew up in a family where eating well is sacred, learning all of my mother's traditional cooking secrets that I'd love to share with you, but don't tell her :)
I moved to Singapore 2 years ago, then I noticed that Moroccan gastronomy was not really represented here. So I decider to start a catering business from home to share my passion for cooking and try to make people travel a bit in my beautiful country!

Than, slowly but surely :), I met incredible people who embraced my projet, became my team, my family. Together we worked hard and finally opened our restaurant to share with you guys our passion for the fantastic Moroccan gastronomy !  

So let yourself be inspired by the Moroccan magic and come visit us for an amazing culinary journey!

Let's get It started !

No more hesitation, start your Moroccan journey !

  1. Checkout the Menu 

  2. Make your choice

  3. Send us your orders at least 24 hours before your requested delivery time

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